Top 5 things your brokerage should do for you.

Did you get sucked in by the hype, only to be left feeling like a number? Going to the office and doing what you love should be energizing, not draining. Your broker should be doing these things to ensure your success:

  1. Your broker should care about you and your career goals, not just on your anniversary.
    Does your broker know who you regardless of your production level? Whether you are doing well or struggling, your broker should be there to help. Our broker is not only a seasoned agent, but a former IREC employee who is a consultant to other brokers. Tanya is the broker you want in your corner.
  2. Be available WHEN deals are happening, on the phone and in the office.
    If not, find a broker that will be there! Our broker is familiar with every transaction, and knows all of our agents.
  3. Provide individualized coaching and education opportunities.
    Never stop learning with agent groups, regular classes, free CE classes, and CORE classes offered in our in-house real estate school. We bring in local and national experts to teach classes, many of which are free for our agents. We also offer a 4-step onboarding plan to ensure your success.
  4. Gives you a great space to work.
    An amazing space that lends itself to collaboration and fosters rapport between agents, as well as a great place to entertain clients that you can be proud of. Our space is historic on the outside, yet is an innovative start-up at heart, with cutting edge systems to support you.
  5. Vibe. Everyone says they have a great culture, but do they have a great vibe?
    Does the staff know your name? Do the other agents? Find a place where you feel connected and inspired – our vibe eats their culture for breakfast!


If you are feeling stuck at your current brokerage, let’s talk! Here at the Windermere Powerhouse Group, we are big enough to offer you a regional presence and connections along with a 46-year history to leverage, yet small enough to feel like a boutique firm where it feels like family. We have a genuine culture of collaboration where you are immersed in a positive environment that fosters a feeling of community and success. Click here to schedule an office tour today!


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Top 5 tips for success!

Are you the waterboy or the quarterback?

Do you feel like you are working for everyone but yourself? Here are 5 top tips for success:

  1. Write down your dreams and goals. Be specific and develop a plan to reach them.
    Do you get one-on-one coaching with your Broker to guide your career development and help you achieve those goals? We help you development a plan that is ready to execute, yet nimble enough to shift as the market changes with regular updates.
  2. Take action. Goals are nothing without action. Get started today.
    We offer annual business planning, sales and marketing coaching and planning, and create a budget with you that includes a plan to execute. We have integrated software tools to help you track your efforts and create your marketing materials. You have an entire team to guide and support you every step of the way as you climb the ladder to success.
  3. Be honest, dependable, and take responsibility, otherwise none of these will matter.
    We offer group resources and support to help keep you on track and accountable – benefits of being a part of group without having to be on a team. Our agents are able to have focused careers, yet lead balanced lives.
  4. How you think is everything. Think success, not failure, as your life tends to go wherever the focus leads.
    Gain the mental discipline, focus, lead-generation techniques, and relationship-building skills that are designed to get the best results. Through individualized meetings, complimentary classes, and our proprietary systems, we help you grow your business.
  5. Don’t be afraid to innovate and be different. Following the herd is a fast track to mediocrity.
    If you are feeling like just another number, you probably are. From the moment you walk through our doors, you will see and feel the difference in our way of thinking. We offer tools and resources to keep you on the cutting edge of the industry.


If you are feeling stuck at your current brokerage, let’s talk! We have an amazing culture of collaboration where you will be surrounded by a positive environment that fosters a sense of community and success, as well as a space you can be proud to bring clients. Click here to schedule an office tour today!


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